Client Reviews

What an absolutely welcome surprise during real tough times in the Tourism Industry. It was a thoroughly planned strategy with involvement from both our teams.We all knew International Travel won’t be possible now, so with our mid weeks open we decided to do a real special. Eco Africa’s planning and social media strategy was excellent with a detailed report as well as email campaign.

We did not know what to expect! I was blown away by the response! Fantastic plan! Excellent Marketing! Thanks to Liytsitone.comnne, Jonte and their Team! (2021)

- Henrihet Aucamp

Mount High Luxury Country House, Lydenburg, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Oh my goodness I cannot believe what you have achieved in a few weeks and I am so super excited to see the continued results over the next few months with our marketing campaign to keep promoting and encouraging international travellers to visit Africa. I recommend you and your team with the utmost of confidence. (2021)

- Kirsty Gordon

Owner of Anywhere in Africa Safaris

Thank you for another year of wonderful team effort. I am very proud how we all managed to keep bookings coming, with the email campaign, vouchers, blogs and all the great social media posts.

Our work as a team has really paid off. Let's all hope for a more peaceful 2021 and less Covid.

- Joey Phillips

Sneeuberg Nature Reserve, Graaff-Reinet, South Africa

This is such a beautifully written newsletter and super creative! You’re very good at marketing! (2021)

- Client of Kirsty Gordon

Owner of Anywhere in Africa Safaris

“We are very satisfied with the digital marketing service that Eco Africa Digital has been giving us over the past year. Our bookings increased via the use of quality content and paid campaigns on social media – this while the rest of the industry indicated a decrease. We are now entrusting them with not only two but eleven establishments in our group.”

- Eleanor Muller

Transfrontier Parks Destinations, South Africa

“The Eco Africa Digital team set up an email campaign to target our social media followers.
This was very successful and clearly generated more interaction with our website and more bookings. It is a great way to target loyal followers and at the same time increasing your email list and bookings."

- Joey Philips

Sneeuberg Nature Reserve, Graaff-Reinet, South Africa

“Eco Africa Digital has managed to bring in new bookings for our lodge from day one. Not only did our paid Google Ads result in immediate bookings, but our international bookings increased due to their targeted email lead campaigns, which was launched via social media.”

- Henrihet Aucamp

Mount High Luxury Country House, Lydenburg, Mpumalanga, South Africa

"We are approaching our busy season so our numbers are set to rise dramatically, however, it's an area we really needed your expertise and I really appreciate what you're doing. Excited to see in the long run where this takes us."

- Jon Dahl

Nile River Explorers, Jinja, Uganda