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Do you find yourself searching for social media post ideas and guidelines in the tourism and hospitality industry?
Do you need some social media tourism marketing ideas to help you be consistent and attract guests?

52-Week Social Media Content Calendar | Safari Edition

We’re part of the tourism industry - even if we are the marketing experts and not the tourism providers - which means that we know how much you have to worry about at the moment. Social Media content ideas and posting regularly are probably right at the bottom of your Things-To-Do list, and perhaps you’ve had to cut costs and add ‘Social Media Marketing Manager’ to your ever-growing job title?


How to Create Social Media Content for Hospitality and Tourism | Guidebook

So you’ve just been appointed the new social media manager (congrats), or you’re a lodge owner who started life way before the Gen Zs of today, and social media posts and content isn’t really part of your repertoire?